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Rapid Scaling

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With expertise in Linux, MySQL/PostgreSQL and Java/Perl/Ruby/PHP, we take a big picture perspective on scaling web applications. Whether you are building a consumer internet property, a small business ASP, or simply providing internal IT services - we make scaling our problem rather than yours.

Online Video

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Need to share and distribute video online? Yeah, we know how to do that. Codecs, video formats, encoding... is all that stuff really your core business? If not, we can provide scalable infrastructure to upload, encode and serve for the web, the iPhone (PSP? sure, that too) and even high def H.264.

Open Source Systems Integration

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With broad experience in open source operating systems, databases, storage and virtualization, we can help you build a truly integrated, adaptive data center.


Structure 28 is a small Seattle-based open source software and systems consultancy.

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